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Data are of great value and hold considerable potential. Targeted and effective use of customer database in marketing will help you achieve this potential. Find out your business potential with BREGARDS.

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Cooperation process

We usually start with a simple meeting to get to know your business, the existing marketing processes and goals and thus to be able to suggest productive solutions. A marketing agency starts to work when specific goals are set.


A conversation over coffee

A chat about your business and a cup of good coffee.


Exploration and discoveries

We will go on with a round table meeting with suggestions and conclusions.


Selection of tools and a strategy

The sequence of tasks and a strategy for a successful development.


Building and implementing changes

BREGARDS teamwork.


Analysis and improvements

We gather results and continue to perfect.

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    Nowadays the customer database is considered a marketing, sales and communication resource for the company. Not only the information generated and provided by the organization to its customers and public in general, but also potential communication channels are an important resource. Since 25 May 2018, every company handling data of Europeans is subject to the General Data Protection Regulation, which has a significant impact on the processes of collecting customer data.