Still many companies think, that loyalty program is a plastic card issued to the customer and must be connected with cash register system. It is not.

Loyalty program can be anything you want it to be. Digital century allows us to create any kind of program, where we communicate in a special way with our customers and any piece of data can serve as loyalty ID. As well it can be without digital footprint, if it fits your business.

We at BREGARDS keep looking for original and non-standard loyalty program solutions, because companies do not want to be another plastic card giver for their customers as their wallets are full with cards already. Therefore, what can you do to create a digital loyalty program and manage various marketing processes with the vide range of data?

At first comes decision-making:

  • Create a constructive environment, focus group, who works on loyalty program implementation.
  • Investigate the decision of loyalty program in detail with all enterprise parties included.
  • Explore your options, current processes.
  • Select the best solution.
  • Evaluate your plan.
  • Communicate your decision, and take action.

When you say “Yes” and communicate your decision to build a new pattern of your customer loyalty program, data collection and marketing communication, you have to audit your existing processes and history. Probably there are good things or enough valid data, you can already use to take first steps towards the new ideal of your blueprint.

Systems must be connected and integrated with each other, so your data management platforms can transfer necessary data. We usually draw a so-called process chain, how your customer data lifecycle will look like and what kind of marketing actions will happen to build a better customer experience and drive their loyalty to your brand.

Then you just build it all together, simple as that, right? 😊 Of course, it takes a quite long time and lot of testing during the building process. Our expertise can help to prevent some errors or process bottom lines. If you are an agency or developer, you can trust us the whole process management, system maintenance and service.

Our mission is to help you see the undisclosed potential and various ways, customized to you enterprise and field you are working in, to improve your customer journey.

A cup of coffee and a conversation about your business is the first step you can take, so contact us for a meeting.