We believe, that every brand has potential to become loved by customers and we are here to prove it.

BREGARDS is brand new agency, that specializes on database marketing solutions and strategies as well as loyalty programs and individual technical processes. We have years of experience behind us and a lot of successful campaigns from our clients. Our agency has transformed from leading mobile marketing company in Baltics – Sales.lv. After 12 years being in business and half of decade running e-mail marketing projects, our team has grown up and ready to build successful database marketing horizon.

So, hey! Why don’t you be more efficient from now on? Your time is valuable, we know that.  Rather than spending hours at some marketing platforms working with data or building some email templates, you can be more relaxed by running your business or having some meetings with potential customers.  Your next newsletter planning or building some system integrations for database communications now can be trusted by us. Outsource the whole marketing process, or maybe you need some consulting how to switch your platforms to the next level of automation. You have a marketing division, but they are too busy with existing tasks, that they don’t have time to do some analysis and measure progress. These are some of the situations our clients are dealing with and ask us to help. So, we join in every stage and build a relationship with your company, to reach some new horizon.

Coffee is the next largest business in the world after oil. You’re welcome to contact us and have a cup of coffee and a conversation about your business. It costs about an hour of your time to find out the capabilities of your business and your customer database potential.