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Database marketing is impossible without high quality programming of e-mail or landing pages. There is a great number of different mobile devices, e-mail and web browsers, operating systems and other software around us. The different combinations don’t let us relax, as technology is changing and evolving, which is why programming and being aware of the various technicalities is our strength.

Slowly, but the automation of marketing communication processes continues to evolve. E- mail marketing and mobile marketing are the most common examples of automation, especially in e-commerce.

We are often entrusted with development of plans and processes of marketing automation, as well as technical solutions and system adaptation to run these processes. Automation is a contribution to long-term development of companies marketing by saving different resources. Through automation, the use of your companies database can now be of much higher quality.

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E-mail marketing

Reach and impress your customer

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SMS marketing

The most effective communication channel

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Design and decoration

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Marketing services

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System compatibility with your business needs

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Management of the database according to the GDPR

Data processing cycle in an organization

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Marketing communication strategies


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Loyalty programs

The road of turning the customer into your salesperson

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Audit and consultation

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