New eCommerce powerteam in Baltics ready to send you into the galaxy of revenue.

As a direct marketing agency, we constantly care for the best solutions for our clients. Their development and the use of the latest technologies supporting marketing communication is the most important for us.
We proudly introduce you with our new partner. A powerful e-commerce tool for your business.
ExpertSender is a Multichannel Messaging Hub designed to help fast-growing businesses grow their revenue with marketing automation across the Email, SMS, Web, Web push, Mobile Push, Facebook Audiences, Google Customer Match & Mobile apps and more.
ExpertSender is responsible for sending over 15 billion marketing messages each year for over 300 companies & 1000 brands worldwide. Also is an active member of several initiatives and organizations that define and promote best practices in marketing and e-mail deliverability.
Bregards and ExpertSender cooperation is designed to boost conversions and increase sales of Bregards’s clients in Baltics. Each of these features and solutions can be leveraged within different marketing channels to better cater for your clients preferences and your conversions.

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Multichannel marketing HUB

Design and coding

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Expert Sender

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    Multichannel Messaging

    Cover all bases with email, SMS, web and more
    Give customers what they want with a personalized experience based on their behavior. Not all customers behave the same, they have different needs and preferences.

    Product Recommendations

    Increase AOV and sales with product recommendations
    Deepen engagement with compelling product recommendations based on customer behaviour. Let ExpertSender find the most effective strategy to maximize cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

    Web Behavior Segmentation

    Leverage your customer website behavior
    Make use of a customer’s website, product and purchasing data. Employ the eRFM model to ensure all your customers receive highly relevant content that corresponds with their customer profile.

    Post-sale relationship building

    Turn one-time buyers into repeat buyers
    Increase customer lifetime value by increasing the frequency of their purchases through personalized loyalty programs.

    Shopping Cart Abandonment

    Win back customers by reducing cart abandonment or increase sales by driving customers back to your website with lower price notifications for products they browsed earlier. Target customers that abandoned shopping carts across the web, email and mobile channels.

    Customer Lifecycle Automation

    Increase customer retention. Automate the different stages of the customer lifecycle to attract your customer’s attention, teach them what you have to offer, turn them into a paying customer and to keep them loyal.