I very often find myself in a situation, where company has loyalty cards, but the employee does nothing to offer it to me. This made me think, how company treats its employees. Because, if you as business owner have spent financial investment and resources to make a loyalty program, why don’t you invest in employees to make them willing to respect your customers? That’s right – respect. I doubt, that these businesses don’t have competitors, or they are satisfied with the number of customers and amount of money. So, where is the reason not to use such potential? The fact, that I came to your shop, restaurant or use your services is enough to try to find out something about me. Whether you run your business online or offline, every buyer is a potential loyal customer and it depends, of how you plan to treat them.

If you have loyalty program, or, for example, lottery or Christmas charity activity, you can gather customer data and start with some automated conversation. If you will successfully communicate the benefits your potential customers will acquire in exchange of delivery of their customer data, you will probably get them. Further, there comes a question – do you respect your customer trust in you and your business? Is the data collection important for you at all? I have subscribed to dozen businesses with my email and name, sometimes even phone number, but I have not received any communication from many of them. It means, that for these business owners, the data collection is not efficient part of the business, whether they are not aware of, what to do with all the information and data they have collected, how to use it most wisely and efficient during communication with their customers. Then why do they look after data collection at all? Very often, various registration, subscription forms or ‘thank you’ e-mails are included in web page template, so the web page developer automatically includes it and runs it in some basic level, without any further usage of this data.

I suggest all business owners to pay more attention to your existing and new customer data. That becomes even more important because of the new GDPR, that is upcoming next year. So, if you respect your customers, their trust towards your brand and their privacy as well, organize and manage the data collection, usage and analytics. Have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for some hint.