BREGARDS are about to perform and build better customer experience with your business.

We believe in success through database communication, focusing on the relationship between customer and brand.

We have years of experience behind us and a lot of successful campaigns made for our clients. Our agency has transformed from leading mobile marketing company in Baltics – Sales.lv. After 12 years being in business and half of decade running e-mail marketing projects, our team has grown up and ready to build successful database marketing horizon. 

“Always go the extra mile. It’s newer crowded there.” We would like to say, that we transfer this quote into real time work with our clients. Developing the database marketing agency BREGARDS is one of the ‘extra mile’ steps we are taking ourselves to meet and exceed our clients business goals.

As there is a strong team behind every successful business, we believe in loyalty and trust between customer and brand as well. That’s why we always perform our highest standards and intensively work on creating groundbreaking footprints towards new ways of database marketing.
Our services are based on customer perspective to deliver the most precise solutions and successful partnership.

Our vision for BREGARDS is to become #1 choice when it is about database marketing communications and the leading partner for agencies & developers.

“Digital age is like a journey towards the unknown, and it forces us to dream bigger creatively and dive deeper analytically. Database marketing agency BREGARDS has been an active digital traveler for years already and with our experience, we’ll be happy to pack your bags and take you along on our journey.”


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